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PetSafe® Pet Door Key

PetSafe® Pet Door Key

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PetSafe® Pet Door Keys secure to your dog or cat’s collar and ensure your pets are the only ones walking through your SmartDoor. Keep unwanted animals outside while giving your pet the freedom to enter and exit. Each pet in your house will need their own key, giving you the ability to customise each pet’s experience and permissions with the SmartDoor. Decide when each pet has access through the door by customising schedules. These pet door keys are compatible with the app-enabled SmartDoor Connected Pet Door and the Microchip Cat Door. For the best experience, make sure the key lays flat on your pet’s chest so it can be parallel to the pet door flap. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

Key Features

  • Selective Entry - Give your dog or cat exclusive access through the SmartDoor Connected Pet Door
  • Custom Schedules - Give each pet unique schedules and permissions for the SmartDoor Connected Pet Door using the My PetSafe® app
  • Small Key Compatibility - Small pet door key compatible with Medium SmartDoor Connected Pet Door
  • Medium Key Compatibility - Medium pet door key compatible with Medium and Large SmartDoor Connected Pet Door
  • Large Key Compatibility - Large pet door key compatible with Medium and Large SmartDoor Connected Pet Door

System includes

  • 1 pet door key with split ring

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